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Our Christmas Day at Sandy Lane event raised £925 for school funds!
We raised £479.08 for the Poppy Appeal this year!
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Fulfilling potential

Unlocking opportunity

No-one left behind


Fulfilling Potential:

  • Our aim is to provide a school community which embraces excellence for all. Pupils, parents, staff and volunteers work together in order to recognise and achieve their highest aspirations; knowing that to achieve the greatest for oneself is the very foundation of fulfilling potential for all.

Unlocking Opportunity:

  • Our aim is to provide a clear pathway to everyone’s highest aspiration. A wider world of opportunities introduced by the use of a creative curriculum design with imaginative use of resources and partners across the community. We will use the skills of resilience and self-awareness to instil a passion for new learning experiences. Using these crucial life skills to dissolve barriers and embrace a future of life-long learning and success in our chosen path.

No one left behind:

  • A school that truly understand and embodies an empathy for all who pass through its doors. Our actions reflect the needs of all our pupils, to be the people who they want to be, by providing the encouragement and resources to make the improvements that they need in order to make the best possible progress towards their life goals.


Latest Tweets

  • "As a local resident who lives close to Greenwood park, I would like to say how lovely it is to see the children walking around there on a daily basis and how wonderfully well behaved they are."

  • "I've heard from a number of people around the village who all say how lovely it was to see and hear the children on Sunday.

    We were impressed with how well they read. I was sitting four rows back and heard them clearly (without a microphone!).

    Well done, and please let the children know that the people of Sandy Lane are very grateful that they took part"

  • "The children were all very well behaved and polite traveling to and from the station and left the coaches clean and tidy a pleasure to take on the trip" - After Worth Valley Trip

    "Easy to get in touch with class teachers through Class Dojo, teachers are very good at responding which reassures the parents"

  • "Good at communication in letting Parents know about what's going on in school. Plus nice friendly staff"

    "Great to see children's progress celebrated"

    "I'm happy with the way this school handles everything and the staff. Thank you"

  • "It's a nice way to encourage little minds, really impressive"

    "Since Livvy has been back to Sandy Lane she's been enjoying her teacher and getting the right support. Thank you"

    "School has been very supportive, easy to contact and discuss anything with regards to children's homework etc. Also staff are very helpful"

  • "My son recently moved to this school in September and so far he has come along way. The efforts and communication of staff is above and beyond so I just want to thank you as my son has come along way in only a small amonth of time. This school is the best we have ever been to thank you so much and his class teacher is awesome and Ms walker."

  • "Feedback from the staff and Guest experience management, was that the children were very well behaved and were no issue whatsoever. "they were great" is a direct quote from the Guest experience Team leader!" After Legoland Trip

    The Guard on the Worth Valley Steam Train said that "the children are a credit to the school"

  • "Recently, we provided the Coach Transport for a daytrip to the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway. From the moment our driver arrived at the school, the children and staff were brilliant. Very well behaved and polite even with their excitement for the journey, saying a cheerful ‘Hello and thank you’. Having such a pleasant group on board who kindly helped the driver look after the coach by keeping it clean and tidy throughout, definitely makes the job worthwhile. Thankyou to everyone involved on the day."

  • “I love the structure of the school. Any issues are sorted out really quick and efficiently. Teachers are easy to get hold of and to communicate with. Importantly …… the kids love it!”

    “Very well run school, always kept up to date with events”

    “I like all the school teachers, all of them are very kind. I love the school students and enjoyed the assembly”

  • “No negative from us. Sandy Lane is a brilliant school and my girls really enjoy coming to school”

    “Sandy Lane Primary school is an excellent school”

    “Very happy with school helping my child settle in”

  • “Good communication via school ping/class dojo and teachers. Able to approach and discuss things with teachers”

    “Good communication, enthusiastic teachers”

  • “Lovely atmosphere and positivity. Very much enjoyed being here for the assembly”

    “Happy that school has regular contact with parents and we are updated with events and activities. Good communication”

  • “Very pleased with the friendly environment of the school and enthusiastic leadership. Always there to listen and help. Thank you!”

    “Communication is brilliant, both girls are very happy at the school. Any problems that have occurred were dealt with straight away”

  • "We as parents are extremely happy with the teaching staff and admin team with taking ownership of all related issues and resolving the issues right first time. Furthermore, we feel there is an atmosphere amongst the staff of going the extra mile to excel the pupils"

  • "Absolutely amazing staff keep you informed at all times. Very polite and courteous. Keep it up!"

    "Really like the fact how parents are invited to celebrations. Great Class Dojo communication app with parents"

  • "Really good. Have missed this interaction - need more of it. Thanks"

“A special place where we learn, grow and have fun together”

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