Supporting your child


There are many ways in which you can support your child during their learning journey at Sandy Lane.


  1. Get involved with your child’s learning


The newsletter and diary sheet share forthcoming events, opportunities to get into school, workshops, open classrooms, exhibitions and parents evenings.


  1. Check homework diaries and reading records regularly


Staff will communicate through the homework diaries / reading records


  1. Encourage your child to complete their homework


See details of homework expectations on class pages


  1. Look at the topic web each half term


Each class page has a topic web explaining the learning that will be taking place this half term. Talk about this with your child, encourage them to take part in further research, visit areas of interest yourself and get enthused with your child about their discoveries.


  1. Give them time to play


Children need time to play, away from school work, screens, television and the busy school day. Play is crucial to their development. Don’t miss this out!



Sandy Lane Primary follows the Airedale Learning Community Maths Calculation Policy, developed by staff from its school members. Click the link below to see how maths is taught in our classes:


ALC Calculation Policy NC 2014-2015


Parents of children in Early Years may want to have a look at the following 2 leaflets, designed to help you with your child’s early reading and phonic strategies:


Early Reading & Phonics Help


Letters and Sounds Help