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Pupil Roles

We offer the children in school many opportunities to apply for roles and responsibilities around school. The children take their jobs very seriously and understand the importance of the part they play in the development of the school.

School Council

Every year new school council members are elected by their class. School council meet weekly and have a specific focus for their years’ work. In 2014/15 the school council worked together to forge greater community links. They worked with local councillors to improve the local environment by litter picking, writing to lorry companies to improve the traffic safety outside school, writing articles for the local parish news and much more. Please see the School Council page for further details.

Friendship Leaders

Friendship leaders promote positive friendships around school. They lead friendship groups with the younger children and support play in both playgrounds. During meetings they discuss children who they think need extra help in finding friends on the playground. They are outstanding role models to others.

Sports Leaders

The sports leaders help our PE leader Mr Hitchen with organising equipment and teaching children how to use the equipment correctly. Click on this link to read more…….Sports Leaders’ Responsibilities


In 2015/16 we are introducing a personal buddy system for the Reception children. They will have a Year 5 child who becomes their buddy for 2 years. We plan to organise weekly reading, collaborative work projects and trips based on the success of a collaborative learning project where Year 6 built bird boxes with our Reception children

Jobs, jobs, jobs

Children volunteer for a huge range of daily jobs – distribution of registers, bell ringing, ICT technicians, Librarians, door monitors, first aid support and lunchtime helpers.