At Sandy Lane Primary we offer a ‘Thematic’ curriculum across the school which offers interesting and exciting learning opportunities for all children in class as well as regularly going out and about on educational

Each theme follows 4 ‘cornerstones’

Engage (to inspire the children)

Develop (the skills, knowledge and understanding)

Innovate (apply the knowledge skills and understanding)

Express (celebrate the outcomes of learning)

The Cornerstones Curriculum is designed to cover all the requirements of the New Curriculum 2014 and much more.





Please click the link below to view our Creative Curriculum by Key Stage:

Key Stage 1 Medium Term Planning   Autumn 1                                                                                       Autumn 2

ks1-medium-term-autumn                                                    screenshot-2016-11-14-15-20-23   

Spring 2

KS 1 MTP       

Summer 1

CC planing summer 1

Lower Key Stage 2 Planning  Autumn 1                                                                                                  Autumn 2

lks2-medium-term-plan-autumn                                                   screenshot-2016-11-14-15-25-03

Spring 1                                                                                                                                                     Spring 2
Medium Term LKS2                                                                        LKS2 Spring 2
Summer 1
CC planning summer 1CCplanning summer 2
Upper Key Stage 2  Autumn 1                                                                                                                Autumn 2

uks2-medium-term-autumn                                                    screenshot-2016-11-07-15-09-50

Spring 2



Please click the links below to view yearly curriculum overviews for each year group:

Key Stage 1 Curriculum Overview Cycle A                                                                                         Key Stage 1 Curriculum Overview Cycle B

ks-1-planning                                                                                                           ks-1-2    


Lower Key Stage 2 Curriculum Overview Cycle A                                                                            Lower Key Stage 2 Curriculum Overview Cycle B

lks2-2                                                                                                            lks2-1


Upper Key Stage 2 Curriculum Overview Cycle A                                                                            Upper Key Stage 2 Curriculum Overview Cycle B

uks2-2                                                                                                            uks2-1


 In addition we have specific reading and phonics programmes. Please click below to view these.



The links below are for parents to see the Sandy Lane age related expectations for reading, writing and maths in each year group.

Year 1 Age Related Expectations

Year 2 Age Related Expectations

Year 3 Age Related Expectations

Year 4 Age Related Expectations

Year 5 Age Related Expectations

Year 6 Age Related Expectations


If you need any further information please contact your child’s class teacher in the first instance.