Executive Headteacher
Mr J Cooper
Deputy Headteacher Mrs F Newsome
Assistant Headteacher Mr M Hitchen

SENCO Miss L Johnson

The children are organised, for the academic year 2016/17, into the following classes:

Ladybirds – Reception children Mrs C Connelly – Class Teacher; Mrs D Armitage – Nursery Nurse, Mrs S Hood – Nursery Nurse

Butterflies- Reception children Mrs Angela Leach – Class Teacher; Mrs A Chapman – Nursery Nurse, Mrs M Puri, Mrs A Le Gallez

Key Stage One (KS1)
Priestley Class – Year 1 children Mrs C Shaw – Class Teacher

Bronte Class – Year 1/2 children Miss Yorke – Class Teacher
Lister Class – Year 2 children Miss Long – Class Teacher + KS1 phase leader

Lower Key Stage Two (LKS2)
Delius Class – Year 3/4 children Mr M Hitchen – Class Teacher + LKS2 phase leader                   

Jowett Class – Year 3 children Miss A De Silva – Class Teacher
Salt Class – Year 4 children Miss L Shinn – Class Teacher

Upper Key Stage Two (UKS2)
Hutton Class – Year 5 children Miss E Saxton – Class Teacher

Hockney Class – Year 6 children Mrs C Dunsire – Class Teacher
Forster Class – Year 6 children Mrs E Darley – Class Teacher+ UKS2 phase leader

Support Staff 

Mrs K Dickinson, Mrs J Kendall, Mrs J King (HLTA), Mrs L Knight (HLTA), Mrs S Lawrance , Mrs A Le-Gallez, Mr P Malin, Mrs A Naylor, Mrs N Sheffield, Mrs N Sheikh, Miss C Skelly, Mrs J Skelly (HLTA), Mrs S Khan, Mrs H Toft, Miss S Weisinger, Mrs P Kirkley, Mrs K Bailey, Mrs K Kaur, Miss S Card

Inclusion Leader – behaviour and attendance Mrs L Walker

Learning Mentor/Parental Involvement Mrs K Kaur

Administrators Mrs D Bonham and Mrs S Day

Clerical Assistant Mrs J Martin

Site Manager Mr A Ogilvie

Lunchtime Supervisors Ms D Kirk, Mrs S Hamid, Mrs J Stott, Mrs S Afzal, Mrs R Mahay,  Mrs A Akhtar, Mrs E Robershaw, Mrs J Sherrington, Miss C Rodgers

Cleaners Mrs J Stott, Mr P Lynch, Mrs E Robertshaw, Mrs J Topley


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