Head Teacher                               Mr J Cooper

Clerk to the Governors               Mrs H Osman

Parent Governors                        Mrs N Shah, Mrs A Khan, Mrs K Rauf, Mrs S Ghani

Community Governors               Mrs J Payne (Vice chair), Mr G Walker,  Mrs S Duffy (Chair), , Mr S Ahmed

Staff Governors                           Mrs L Walker

Associate Members                     Mr M Hitchen

The Governing Body consists of parents, teachers, members of the local community and people appointed by the Local Authority. Governors are appointed to act together to:

1. help to establish the aims and policies of the school    

2. interview and select staff

3. advise on spending of the school’s budget         

4. ensure the National Curriculum is being delivered

5. provide outside advice and support and a link between the local community

Advice, support and training are provided by the School Governors Service to help Governors fulfil their legal requirements. The school employs a Governors’ Clerk to deal with agendas, minutes and correspondence but Governors themselves do not receive any payment for carrying out their duties.

Parents Governors are elected by parents of children in the school and serve on the Governing Body for 4 years, as do all Governors. They can bring views of parents to the Governing Body although they speak and act as individuals.

The Governing Body usually meets twice a term. Dates and minutes of meetings are available from the office. The Governors are responsible for the publication of the Prospectus. Miss Brammah and the staff encourage parental involvement in the life of the school: becoming a Parent Governor or attending a Governors’ meeting is another element of “Parents in Partnership”.

If you would like more information on any aspect of School Governors please contact Mrs Curtis or myself.

Yours sincerely

Mrs S Duffy

Chair of Governors


Please click on the link below to see pen portraits of our Governors:

Governors Pen Portraits

Register of Attendance


Register of Interests of Current Governors serving, and those who have served at any point in the last 12 months, on the Board of Governors at 26th April 2016

Full Name  Type of Governor [including Associate Members] / Appointed by Date of Appointment / Term of Office End date if Applicable Committee membership , voting rights of Associate Members and any special roles or chairing responsibilities Other educational institutions at which a governor Business Interests and Date notified Any material interests arising from relationships between governors or relationships between governors and school staff (including spouses, partners and close 
John Cooper Executive Headteacher





n/a Resources Committee (RC)

School Improvement (SI)

None None None 13/14








Co-opted 16.09.14

4 years

15.09.18 resigned


None None None 12/13
Eric Chapman     Co-opted 16.09.14

4 years

15.09.18 resigned


None None Wife is a Nursery Nurse in the school 11/13


Co-opted 17.03.15

4 years

16.03.19 Chair

RC – Vice Chair



None None None 4/5
Mark Kitchen   Co-opted 16.09.14

4 years

15.09.18 SI None None None 9/10



Parent 21.10.14

4 years

20.10.18 SI None None None 7/9
Michael McCabe    


Co-opted 16.09.14

4 years




None None None 11/13
Noreen Shah Parent 27.03.15

4 years

26.03.19 SI None Employed at Bradford Girls Grammar School None 3/3
Linda Walker Staff 08.05.13

4 years

07.05.17 RC None None None 10/10
Shakil Ahmed Co-opted 30.11.12

4 years

29.11.16 RC None None None 9/10
 Jacky Payne  Co-opted  05.07.16

4 Years

 04.07.16  Vice Chair


 None  None  None
 Graham Walker  Co-opted  05.07.16                                 Chair of RC            None                  None                         None

4 Years              04.07.16

Kauser Nawaz Rauf Parent 22.09.15

4 years

22.09.19  RC

Health and Safety Lead

None Volunteer at National Zakat Foundation22.10.15 None New to the role Sept 15